Takayas Custom Jewelry Warranty

Takayas Custom Jewelry stands by the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. It is important to us that you are completely happy with your order- which is why all of our jewelry comes with a free warranty.

Five Point Inspection Promise

Our complimentary Five Point Inspection Promise guarantees that your ring will stay as beautiful as the first day you slipped it on your finger. As long as you bring in your ring every six months for a checkup, our Five Point Promise is an easy way to make sure your ring continues to stay healthy.

While some repair charges may apply due to normal wear, we are happy to offer the following services free of charge: *Insured shipping costs are not included.

Complimentary Five Point Inspection

  1. Prongs checked for thinning and tightness
  2. Stones checked for security
  3. Mounting checked for thinning and roundness (shape)
  4. Polishing to restore brilliance
  5. Ultrasonic and streaming to remove debris and oil

Workmanship Defects

If you believe your jewelry has a workmanship defect, please contact us as soon as possible. We will evaluate your piece, and if the damage is covered by our warranty, we will gladly repair your piece for no additional cost. For instructions and conditions on returning items for repair please email us at inquire@takayascustomjewelry.com or call us at (213)538-8252.

Diamond Certification

We want you to feel 100% comfortable working with us, and we will provide you with everything you want to know about your diamond. All of our .50 ct diamonds and up come with an official dossier or certificate from either GIA—the Gemological Institute of America or EGL—the European Gemological Laboratory, as these are the two accepted industry-wide independent laboratories.

Your diamond's certificate will include a diagram of unique internal and external identifying characteristics in addition to a report detailing all of your diamond's qualities including color, clarity, weight, etc.

Stone Replacement

We will replace, free of charge, any small accent diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, or other colored stones if they chip, break, or are lost from their original setting. In order for your diamond and gemstone guarantee to remain in effect, you must have your jewelry inspected every six months with Takayas Custom Jewelry. Any necessary repairs must also be completed by Takayas Custom Jewelry.

Lifetime Mounting Guarantee

We guarantee your ring's mounting against all defects in workmanship, and we will repair or replace your mounting without charge if any craftsmanship defects are found. This guarantee is solely for the original purchaser and is non-transferable. We cannot cover the natural wear or aging of materials.


Our warranty does not cover damage due to normal wear, center stones, product loss, or theft. We recommend you insure your jewelry with your insurance company for this type of coverage and your peace of mind. If you require an appraisal for your insurance company, please contact us, and we would be happy to provide one for you for a small fee.

Return and Refund Policy for Custom Orders

Jewelry pieces that were created as a custom design, custom commission, or special order basis are not returnable or refundable. Our guarantee is that the piece will match the final design you approved including the dimensions, stone size and type, as well as metal type.

Please know all handmade jewelry will differ slightly due to natural variations and may include minor differences in the stone color and shape. Additionally, because we create all of our designs using computer-aided design (CAD) software and the renders you receive are enlarged images of your piece, there is a chance that your actual jewelry's scale may differ from your expectations.

Order Cancellation Policy

We understand sometimes things happen and should you need to cancel your order, we will not charge your project's remaining balance.

Please know that our design fee as well as any purchased materials for your custom project are non-refundable once the design process has been approved. Our design fee covers our time and labor for our correspondence, CAD designing, research, reserving your guaranteed delivery date, and other responsibilities that were involved in booking and preparing to create your custom jewelry piece.


All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Every effort is made to avoid errors in pricing and product information, but if a mistake or miscommunication does occur, we reserve the right to correct it and use our sole discretion to refuse or cancel any order placed for that item at the incorrect price. Notification will be sent to the email address you provide with your order.

Due to market fluctuations of the cost of gems and metals, prices may be subject to change. We cannot guarantee the price of any jewelry estimate given after one month unless a first deposit is made.

Over the course of your custom jewelry project, we understand if you need to put your project on hold, but there is the potential that market fluctuations may increase the cost if a significant period of time has passed.

In the unfortunate event that your custom order incurs a price increase, we will request your approval for the additional cost before proceeding any further. This happens very rarely, but it is out of our control. If you do not approve of the increase, you may cancel your order and refer to our Cancellation Policy.

Delivery and Shipping Policies

An estimate of delivery time will be discussed at the time you place your order. Takayas Custom Jewelry ships all our jewelry using insured shipping from either USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Shipping times may vary depending on your location. For international orders, our insured shipping carrier has shipping restrictions for certain countries. Please verify your shipping location when you place your order.

Additionally, for international orders, your country's customs department may impose customs fees, import duties, taxes, and other applicable charges to your order. Takayas Custom Jewelry is not responsible for any of these customs department fees or taxes.

If you need to ship any jewelry or loose stones to our studio, we recommend that you use insured shipping from an official carrier such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS, and hold onto your original shipping receipt. Please make sure your jewelry and loose stones are packaged securely as Takayas Custom Jewelry is not responsible for any items you ship to us that are lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. The customer is also responsible for the delivery and return shipping costs of their jewelry.

Warranty Void

In order for your warranty to remain in effect, you must have your jewelry inspected and documented every six months with Takayas Custom Jewelry.

We reserve the right to void our warranty if maintenance, repair, re-sizing, stone replacement, or other services are performed by someone other than Takayas Custom Jewelry. If your jewelry needs adjustment or repairs, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will be happy to assist you.